G – M U S I C

  • Geniusynergy, partnered with Jozibaby records, publishes music for artists in various genres and in the future we plan to extend this passed music. We believe art to be a necessary part of the culture of a people and as such should be encouraged, nourished developed and sustained as those with the inclination and indignation to carry out the tasks of true artists. Currently we have two artists as well as composers we are working with and we are also in partnership with the Gauteng Music Academy, in the development of new and old talent as in the words of our Principal Johnny Mekoa,” There is no wrong note “. Below you will find some links to work we have done with the artists:

View music videos here

Listen to music via Soundcloud here

G – IB E L A

  • Our cause is communication: Keeping it simple and succinct, our ability to communicate in any form and in any setting multiplies both our spacial awareness as well as knowledge of said space around us. This progressively begins to illuminate not only that we are not alone but also quite importantly, that we have mutual desire to gain knowledge of each other. On understanding this fundamental logic and adapting it to the unique but continentally shared use and mode of transportation across the African continent, we had to find a way of beginning a conversation. The conversation between commuters of taxis from Baragwanath and commuters from Bryanston, Bryanston to the MTN Noord CBD rank. The necessity for this conversation allowed us to see a value we could add to an already willing commuter base. Our effect therefore had to come in the form of the easy to navigate mobile APP transport one stop shop – Khwela.
  • Khwela gives a gentle introduction into the dynamic world of low cost transport whilst simultaneously making a platform of communication available to the stalwarts of the industry, who should be card carrying members on taxis by now

G – R E E N

  • Our pursuit of renewable solutions is not out of curiosity but sheer necessity as we have move through time and space. We are in the process of merging with a solar solutions company and will be giving more details of this as the time elapses.